Rivendale Farms


Established in 2015, Rivendale Farms is located in Southwest Pennsylvania, just outside of our favorite city – Pittsburgh. 

At Rivendale, our work is based in respect – for the land and our animals, and for our community. With a focus on incorporating the most modern technologies and innovations in the fields of agriculture – from rotational pasture grazing to growing produce year round in our 1/4 acre hydroponic greenhouse -we’ve collaborated with some of the world’s foremost growers and industry professionals to ensure the long-term health and vitality of the farm.

All of our products are grown and raised sustainably, and humanely, to ensure the healthiest, most nutrient dense and delicious food makes its way to your table. Everything from eggs, tomatoes & peppers, lettuce, ground beef, and honey – is harvested fresh and sent straight from our farm to your kitchen.


Below, we’ve shared some links so you can learn more about sustainable farming practices as well as the nutritional importance of fruits and vegetables, and find some recipe inspiration.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Diet & Wellness